The Rain in Spain…

Today at our neighborhood preschool group, we studied Spain. I traveled to Spain in high school, and absolutely loved it! The people are relaxed and friendly (especially if you don’t speak the language), and the food is fabulous (a traditional tapas usually has a selection of meats and fried items)! I think it’s about as close as you can get to The South in Europe! ;-) At any rate, we had a great time and are meeting Friday to do our mosaic stepping stone craft! I was particularly proud of the tapas I prepared for preschool….especially the Tortilla EspaƱola I made from SCRATCH! It turned out perfect….just like the picture in the cookbook!!!

The taquitos were a compromise….I didn’t want to make any of the other recipes from scratch, and we wanted to make sure the kids had something that we were sure they would like! And of course no tapas is complete without olives, almonds, veggies, and drink (in our case grape juice…which fyi is a traditional option). We also had some strawberries too! If you weren’t thinking last week that you wish you were in our neighborhood preschool group, you are thinking it now!! Doesn’t the food look just so yummy!?!?!?!

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