Knock-Off American Girl Doll Dance Costume

Unlike most children, my daughter doesn’t say “Mommy, you have to buy me a ____!” She says “Mommy, you have to MAKE me a ____!” Likewise if a toy breaks she doesn’t say “Mommy, we have to go to the store and get a new one!” She says “Oh no! Daddy have to fix it!” She seems to be under the impression that there is no limit to what her daddy and I can make….oh dear! Last night about bedtime, Jessica said “Mommy, you have to make a dance costume for Little Girl to go to dance class tomorrow!!” Unfortunately, she wouldn’t let me borrow Little Girl to make the costume….so I had to wait until she was asleep to sneak in her room and borrow Little Girl! I finished the leotard at about 1 am last night and finished the skirt this morning before class. Jessica also requested tights and ballet slippers, but I did not have time for that….and I am not entirely certain that I want to attempt that! Thankfully I was able to convince her that socks and tap shoes would be just fine!

Turned out pretty well all things considered!

Since this was a last minute project, I could only use things I already had on hand. I found a free pattern for an American Doll swimsuit at Liberty Jane Patterns. I used an old light pink t-shirt for the leotard fabric, and I cut it so that it stretched left and right instead of up and down. I felt like that would give us a better fit! I had to do without the fold over elastic for around the legs and arms. It would have turned out nicer that way, but I could always add it on later I suppose! Luckily I have a lot of tulle that I had bought on sale at Walmart when they were getting rid of their fabric so I used that and some elastic string I had on hand for the skirt. For the leotard, I followed the pattern except I altered the neckline and just did a rolled hem around the edges since I didn’t have any fold over elastic. For the skirt I cut it out twice as long as a wanted, folded it in half, and made a seam near the fold to slip the elastic through. It was probably at least a yard long….I had to use a lot to get a nice fluffy skirt!

The final product definitely met with Jessica's approval!

I have to start working on Little Girl’s Christmas presents soon (Santa has to come see Little Girl too)! Thankfully, I think I have a few ideas now, and thanks to the internet and my fabric stash it shouldn’t cost me hardly anything!

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