Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free…pretty much everything free Goldfish!!

Another challenge we have had over the last 6 months (has it really been that long?!?!?) while we have been on a very restrictive diet trying to pin down allergies is what to do about snacks when we are out with friends. In variably, we will be going some place where the snack being served is Goldfish. Now that we have all been diagnosed with Celiac that is a definite No-No. What’s a mom to do?

Well she could try baking homemade gluten free, egg free, etc Goldfish using a variety of flours and substitutes…or even try some of the other ideas (some are more complicated than others): chocolate goldfish, graham cracker goldfish, butter goldfish, marshmallow goldfish, pasta goldfish, or veggie goldfish (as in cucumbers and red peppers on a salad).

Or…..she could take the easy way out and just cut them out of fruit leather….which I might add is GAPS friendly too!

Or…..if she wants to get really fancy (and is not on the GAPS diet), then she could cut them out of sweet potatoes and possibly even bake them in the oven!

Before baking. Notice the cookie cutter I used to cut them out, the decorators tip I used to imprint that famous smile, and the skewer I used to imprint an eye. (The mouth and eye really aren’t necessary….they really aren’t easy to see after being baked)

The first thing you are wondering is “Where did she get that cute little goldfish cookie cutter?!?!?”

Answer: I made it! It actually wasn’t very hard. I took a strip of brass from Ace Hardware and bent it with a pair of wire pliers. That’s it. Seriously.

Your next question is “Will you make me one?!?!”

Answer: Absolutely not!! I don’t have enough time to run a goldfish cookie cutter business, but you can purchase a similar goldfish cookie cutter here.

The finished product!

Your final question is “How did you do that?”

Answer: Slice a sweet potato as evenly as you can. Cut out as many goldfish as you can (save the scraps to make mashed sweet potatoes). Add any details (eye, mouth) you wish and toss lightly with oil. Bake in the oven at 350 until they look crispy (sorry there is no exact time but this varies depending on your oven, how thick your goldfish are, etc).

Note: I also considered cutting them out of fruit leather to use in an ocean snack for an ocean themed activity we had planned to attend. They were going to use ground Vanilla Wafers with blue yogurt on top with Swedish Fish stuck in the yogurt. My plan was to use almond meal, topped with plain yogurt using natural blue food dye, and some of my fruit leather goldfish. Sorry no picture of that one; we didn’t end up getting to go.

Overall this has worked very well for us, although my kids do still miss crackers… too for that matter!

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