About to Go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Let me preface this by saying that without a doubt the absolute deepest desire of my heart from the very beginning has been to get my children feeling better. However, let me also say that I always feel a bit overwhelmed once they do actually start feeling better because they have soooooooooo much ENERGY!!!!!! I remember feeling this way about John after we had been gluten free for several months. He went from a very low energy, sleep all the time kind of baby boy to a constantly on the move never took a nap toddler overnight!!


A picture of John at about 18 months old. He had just started walking a few months before but fell almost every time he walked because he could not hold his feet straight. His hair was very fine and thin, and worst of all, he was so low energy that in this picture he was laying on the table eating his snack because sitting was too exhausting. He would sleep at least 12 hours at night and still take a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon.


A side shot I took of John for his doctor at about 2 years old right as we were going gluten free.


A picture of John with his cousin taken about 6 months after we went gluten free (so about 2.5 years old)…..such a difference in such a short time!!!!!

Now that I am beginning to sort out Jessica’s Fodmaps issues, I am noticing the same kind of thing. She is feeling A LOT better! I can see it in the joy on her face, in the fact that the rocking is 100% gone, in the increase in her constant chatter to me, in her energy, in her hyperactivity, in her “busy-ness,”….. All of the sudden she is feeling better and taking in/dealing with a lot of input she just couldn’t deal with before. It’s only been a few days, but the difference is astounding!!!! I just hope we level out soon before I go stark raving mad from all of her new found energy!!!!! Still….a wonderful problem to have! :-)


The kids playing out in the ice we got this week!

I’m not sure if you can see the difference or not in this picture, but the difference is a great delight for us to see! How are we accomplishing this? Well….we’ve done: the Yeast Diet, GAPS Diet (and SCD), Elimination Diet uisng IgE/IgG levels, Body Ecology Diet, Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, and probably a few others….but right now we are on a no Fodmap diet of wild caught meat, fresh eggs, peanut butter (with nothing added but salt), and rice! Over the next several months we will be adding vegetables and maybe even some fruits back one at a time to determine how much of each one we can tolerate and using what preparation methods. It’s still early, and we have a long way to go. But I am encouraged by the improvements we have already seen that perhaps this was our missing piece of the puzzle. :-)

photo 3

A family picture my dad took a couple weeks ago in front of the chicken coop of course!

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One response to “About to Go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

  1. Poor babies! I’m so glad they’re feeling better!

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