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Easter Pictures

So we decided to attempt a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits, and this was the best we got….

In case you are curious, I did make their Easter outfits. The lining on both of their outfits is leftover from my wedding dress. The gingham for Jessica’s dress was used as decoration on the cake table at our wedding. The gingham for John’s outfit I found at a fabric sale several years later. The basic pattern for Jessica’s dress was one I had used for our flower girl’s little sister (You just can’t make a new dress for one little girl and not make a new dress for her sister too!). The basic pattern for John’s outfit was one my mother-in-law had used for my husband’s outfits! Other costs (notions and a bit of huck towel fabric) were negligible. I actually made Jessica’s dress last year for Easter. All I had to do this year was let it out a little! John’s was my first attempt at a little boy romper. I think it turned out pretty well considering I was using a vintage pattern that I made several updates to! (I don’t believe in following instructions!) Little boy outfits are definitely a little more complicated than little girl dresses, but I think with a little practice I will get good at those too!

Celebrate the BOY!

With all of the cutesy, girly tutorials and etsy items available online isn’t it about time that someone paid a little attention to those special boys in our lives? Check out MADE and Made by Rae during the next month for the blogospere’s tribute to the BOY! I loved the 2010 creations and can’t wait to see what Dana and Rae have up their sleeves this year!

Outfitting Them for Mild Winters

Usually I hit the outlets every year after Christmas to purchase a few items for Jessica’s wardrobe for the coming year. This past year I did not because I was pregnant with John and absolutely exhausted. Recently, I discovered that both of their winter clothing options were a bit lacking, so today I took the kids to JCPenny to spend a $25 giftcard we were given when John was born. Jessica is most decidedly in a size 3T now and at the rate she is growing, she may not stay there long! Typically, Jessica wears her summer dresses with a turtleneck and tights/leggings underneath. If we are going out and about then we add homemade leg warmers, a sweater, and/or coat. I already had 4 turtlenecks in a size 3T that I had ordered online at the end of last year for about $10! So…..drumroll please……I bought an adorable dress for $12, 4 pairs of microfiber white tights, and a $5 pair of jeans (that won’t fit till probably next year but they were marked down from $30!). I spent $23, saved $45, and have Jessica completely ready for our mild winters!

Jessica obviously approved!!!

John is not following sizes the way Jessica did. He is already in a size 6-9 mos and will soon be in a size 12 mos!!!! He has several sleepers, a couple cute outfits with jackets, a sleep sack that will serve as outerwear, and a pair of overalls. The only thing I need to get to round him out for our mild winters is some long-sleeved onesies. I am trying to find onesies that match the clothes he already has. I found some online at Carters that would do the trick, but I didn’t like the price. Perhaps a trip to a Carters outlet may be in my future… :-) I also need to make him some more booties soon. It’s still nice and warm here so I might make a pair of crocheted crocs and then a warmer pair next month!

Altering and Repairing Clothes

Last night I was finally able to do some sewing while Jessica played in the office without getting into too much!!! Usually I have to wait until both children are sleeping (and I don’t have anything else pressing) to do the mending. BUT last night, I repaired two diaper soakers, one pair of my pants, finished a baby doll diaper, got half way finished with another car seat swaddling blanket for John,

repaired a dress for Jessica that my mother made for me when I was 4 years old

and turned a pair of worn flannel pajamas into soft short sleeved and capri pajamas!


Aren’t you impressed? Now I only have 2 dresses to alter for Jessica and the carseat swaddling blanket left in my mending basket. Perhaps it is time to go find some of those other projects that have been put on hold recently… :-) It was really nice to be able to get a little sewing done while enjoying having my little girl under foot!! I am truly enjoying the 2.5 year old stage!!

From Pants to Shorts

This week after getting the house back in order, I was able to get Jessica’s pants from last year turned into shorts! Now that she is not wearing diapers the pants fit great in the waist….just a little short….so I took care of that! I still have a few dresses to alter, but there is no immediate rush.

Doesn’t she look adorable??


During the last week I was waiting for John to arrive, I did something I have been meaning to learn how to do: make socks! I used this free, easy crochet pattern to crochet my daughter this adorable sock!

Not bad for a first attempt!

Now I just need to find time to make its mate!! At some point in the future I would like to try my hand at knitting socks….perhaps the next time I am confined to the couch!

Big Sister Dress

Last night I finally finished Jessica’s “Big Sister Dress,” and it cost me less than $1!!

Remember this t-shirt?

I found the t-shirt on sale at the flea market for $.33. It is a size 3T instead of a 2T, but hopefully it will fit for a while! I got a lot of shirts made using the iron-on transfer sheets I bought on sale. The portion of the sheet I used for this project probably cost me about $.20.

The finished product

Finally, the material I had picked up from the remnant bin when Wal-mart was getting rid of their fabric section. I used only half of the material (less than half a yard) that I bought for about $.50 a yard so about $.25. That makes for a grand total of $.78, and it should last for the next couple years, assuming I remember to turn it inside out when washing it! You can’t beat that! (and it’s pretty darn sweet if I do say so myself!)

The only picture I managed to get of her trying it on where she was standing still and the camera was on the correct settings….I am hoping for better when baby John arrives!!